vrijdag 31 juli 2015

Jaanu Dress - part 1

Note: As this post, as well as the next 3 posts, are part of the Jaanu Blogtour by Straight Grain, and I'm too lazy I don't have the time to translate everything into 2 languages, I will be writing these 4 posts in English only.

As my daughter Lola's closet is overwhelmed by summerclothes already, I hereby declare fallandwintersewingseason to be open! So all the upcoming Jaanu dresses will be in fall and/or winter fabric. 

At the end of last year, when everyone's New Years' resolutions came along, I decided to do something that I initially found a very stupid idea. I decided to introduce a year long fabric-purchase-ban into my life. A ban I've never had before (nor will I ever want to have one again), but I must admit, it's been good for my sanity, for my fabric closet and for my wallet. Although I did not buy no new fabric at all (hey, I'm only human), I'm doing a pretty good job.
That having said, I'm already looking forward to 2016!

So, as a fabric hoarder addict at heart, when I was asked to be part of the Jaanu dress blogtour, obviously the first thing that came to mind, was *run to the fabricstore!!!*
Bummer!! I had to use what I had. But you know what?! I have waaay more then even I myself knew! So all you are about to see in the next 4 days, comes directly from my stash. Kudos to me!

First up is the Elena dress, in a fabric by one of my favourite designers, Michael Miller. The fabric has been in my stash for almost 2 years now I guess, so it was about time it was being transformed into a dress. I ignore the fact that half sewing blogland already made a dress from this very fabric too, and that my child will not be in any way exclusive, but I don't mind. She's one of a kind anyway and will be exclusive through the dress design. 

I made a size 4 for my average 5 year old, but did extend the seam to a size 5, and it fits like a glove. I even may extend the next dress to lenghtsize 6.

As I said, I really love this fabric, but I do think it could use a little more color. I just bought a pretty pink cardigan on sale so I decided to add a little more pink in the dress as well and spiced things up a bit with piping. I made the piping myself from the pink fabric I used for the lining and the pockets. 

The Jaanu pattern really is a wonderful pattern, which comes in 2 versions, designed by Regina from Twee Emmerkes Water and An from Straight Grain.
Regina designed the Elena dress and An the Norah version. I cannot decide which one I prefer. Playful Elena with its 4 small pleats, or partyproof Norah with 6 large pleats?! So I made both of them! Twice. A girl (or a woman for that matter) can never have too many cute dresses, right?! 

The whole sewing process was a walk in the park, due to the very detailed explanation of the pattern. I even learned a new technique or two along the way! It's a very versatile pattern and every dress looks completely different. Needless to say, I absolutely adore this pattern!

She was a bit cold without her cardigan (and it started to rain too), so we took some fast little pictures without, and put it back on!

A touch of pink at the sleeves and the pockets too.

Doesn't my Jaanu look happy in her new Elena??

Norah's up tomorrow!

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Want to make your own Jaanu?? You can now purchase the pattern at the Straight Grain shop, and receive a 25% discount with code BLOGTOUR25.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Heel erg mooi! Die paspel bij de zak alleen is super. Ik ben fan van de stof, het van voor mijn fabric hoarding periode dus ik zag hem nog niet ;)

  2. cutie! die foto's zijn super! :)
    een hele mooie versie :)

  3. Vier jurken!? Super!!! Wat een verwennerij voor jouw meisje! Dit is trouwens ook één van mijn gekoesterde, favoriete stofjes, ik maakte er meer dan twee jaar geleden (voor mijn blog het leven zag) een A-lijn jurkje van voor mijn -toen nog- baby dochter en bewaarde de rest van de stof... Zo mooi...

  4. Vier jurken gemaakt? Waw, wat een productiviteit zeg :-)
    Deze eerste vind ik alvast heel mooi!

  5. I love that fabric! I can't believe I haven't seen it before, and gutted that it's 2 years old so will most likely be sold out .... still, better for my bank balance that way, right? Haha.

    I love this dress, it's beautiful, nice job!