zaterdag 1 augustus 2015

Jaanu Dress - part 2

Note: As this post, as well as the previous one and the next 2, are part of the Jaanu Blogtour by Straight Grain, and I'm too lazy I don't have the time to translate everything into 2 languages, I am writing these 4 posts in English only.

After my Elena from yesterday, today I'll show you my Norah version.
A version with 6 big pleats that looks totally different than the Elena version. 

Lola went to camp today and had her face painted like a butterfly.
Of course that had to stay on for the photoshoot!

I really like retro colors like orange, petrol and brown, so this Petit Pan fabric is totally my cup of tea.

I didn't even try to match up the pattern in the back, but no one will notice, as everybody will be blinded by the dots anyway (I know I am!)

The only thing I did add for this version, was piping in front and back, and I chose a visible zipper instead of a blind one. And that is what bothers me now, that zipper. It seemed like a nice idea, but now I only see that cross from zipper and piping. Didn't think that one through....Oh well....

And that really is all there is to say about this particular dress. So I'll overwhelm you with pictures instead:

See you tomorrow for another Elena!!

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  1. En ik maar wachten op dat jasje ;)
    Gelukkig verveel ik me allesbehalve, met die prachtige Jaanu's die je maakte!

    1. I know Sarah....Het is ook al lang af, maar ik moet het gewoon nog bloggen....shame on me!!