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Jaanu Dress - part 4

Note: As this post, as well as the previous 3, are part of the Jaanu Blogtour by Straight Grain, and I'm too lazy I don't have the time to translate everything into 2 languages, I am writing these 4 posts in English only.

I have a small confession to make....

Secretly I am a sucker for old-fashion English school uniforms!
I love the grey pleated dresses and the stiff designs.
There, I said it.

So when I came across this black and white (but it looks grey from a distance) wool fabric in my closet, all things added up. Jaanu pleats + sturdy wool fabric = uniform-look. I like!

The pleats stay put very well. I didn't even sew them in place.

To finish it off, I made a fake Peter Pan collar with ricrac ribbon, and I also added ricrac 
on the 6 pleats.

I have absolutely no idea where I ever got this fabric, and when. 
It doesn't have a brandname on it either. 

The dress is still a bit too long now (I used patternsize 4, but lengthened it to a size 6), but Lola grows faster than I can sew anyway, so it'll be too short before we know it.

I didn't make sleeves in this version, as the fabric is too stiff, and sleeves on winter dresses actually annoy me, unless they're made of cotton. Lola always wears cardigans on her dresses, so the sleeves would be too visible underneath it. And I also don't like longsleeves under a dress, so that wouldn't be an option either.

Because the fabric itches a bit, I lined the whole dress. To do that, I had to stitch the armhole halfway, make the side pleats, turn the dress inside out, and then finish the armhole. A bit more work, but it looks good on the inside now too. 

I made 4 Jaanu dresses, so it goes without saying that I absolutely love this pattern. This was my very first Straight Grain pattern, but it definitely won't be my last!

So what do I particularly like about the pattern?
* First of all, the instructions are very, very clear and detailed. Even beginner seamstresses can make these dresses!
* The seam allowance is already included in the pattern. Hallelujah!
I really really (really!) like this.
* And of course the fact that you get 2 patterns for the price of 1.
* You can have your pattern printed on A0, and there's even an option to just have the needed size printed. Or only the pages that you need.
* The summary at the beginning is very thoughtful! If you make several dresses, you don't need to go through all those pages again.
* And did I mention yet that the seam allowance is included?! Love that!

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Thank you so much An and Regina for inviting me to this blogtour! I had a blast! 

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  1. Zeer stijlvol :-)! Helemaal geslaagd.

  2. De 'grijzekes' hier in Gent lopen er toch niet zo stijlvol bij als jouw dochter hoor! Zeer mooi.

  3. Ooooh wauw! Mijn favo versie tot nu toe! Helemaal verliefd op deze versie!

  4. *mond valt open* Dit is absoluut de meest classy versie die ik gezien heb! Zeer mooi!!

  5. Wauw! Deze is absoluut mijn favoriet!! En ik hou ook wel van die schooluniformen, ik zou het zelfs niet erg vinden als dit op onze school werd ingevoerd. :-)

  6. Ik zal het maar toegeven: ik heb de voorbije weken een beetje onder een stolp geleefd en heb weinig blogs gelezen. En jouw eerste drie Jaanu's zijn dus volledig aan mij voorbij gegaan. Ik viel net zowat van mijn stoel toen ik zag wat jij allemaal bijeen genaaid hebt. De ene NOG mooier dan de andere... En allemaal met dat ene patroontje van ons. Dikke merci Edje; wat zijn Regina en ik gelukzakken om zoveel moois te zien worden gemaakt met het Jaanu patroon!

  7. WAUW gewoon prachtig ! meer moet ik niet zeggen ;)

  8. Deze ben ik echt wel jaloers op, die is zo retroschoon seg.

    1. hahaha ik las 'reteschoon' en dacht dat is wel heel Hollands voor Ann ;-)

  9. Deze Jaanu overstijgt echt alle andere mooie exemplaren die ik reeds zag ! Echt dé max!

  10. Amai, 4 exemplaren !! Allemaal heel mooi. Maar deze laatste springt er toch uit !!

  11. Among all Jaanu dresses you have made, this one is my favorite! It is beautiful and I love the ric rac details!